BLCK SPCES sees urban planning, design, and community as vehicles for adding vibrancy to places and spaces. BLCK SPCES is passionate about empowering, encouraging, and engaging these elements through functional, comfortable, and culture-inspired places that create a lot of LOVE + commUNITY; especially in Black and brown communities. We are intentional about creating access to the traditional urban planning/urban design process many Black and brown communities have not been a part of - for US, by US.

They have been working in their field since 2016 and are continuing to develop a reputation for trust and quality. That reputation aims to reach much further than just preparing plans, drawings, and the like - they are working to embed themselves into communities/neighborhoods as lifelong residents and friends. For more information about working with BLCK SPCES and services offered, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email.



Desiree "Dee" Powell

Known to most as Dee. I'm a BLACK, female, openly gay, urban planner in the DFW (Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex). Actually, more of a place creator - that's kind of my jam or "area of interest" in the professional world. I'm overly passionate about people (especially people of color) and their quality of life. I'm diehard behind the Dallas Mavericks. I'm an Arlington (AGG!) by-product and an UT-Arlington alumnus 2x. And I'm 1000% dedicated to urban issues impacting Black communities and creating spaces for US in the DFW. All I'm trying to do is hussle & motivate.. 


Hope you find something cool and/or inspiring here.

yours truly,

dee p.

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